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Golden Dance Classics

Die CDs von Nummer 2000 bis 2049

Titel Interpret CD-Nummer Frontcover Inhalt
I Like Chopin
Only You
GDC 2049-8 CD
Rofo's Theme Rofo GDC 2048-8  CD
Theme From "Shaft"
Mr. Big Stuff
Isaac Hayes
Jean Knight
GDC 2047-8 CD
Born To Be Alive Patrick Hernandez GDC 2046-8 CD
Girl You Know It's True Numarx GDC 2045-8 CD
Let's Get Crackin'
Last Nght A DJ Saved My Life
GDC 2044-8 CD
Holy Ghost
You Make Me Feel
The Bar-Kays
GDC 2043-8 CD
My Baby Just Cares For Me Nina Simone GDC 2042-8 CD
Sayonara (Don't Stop)
Lee Marrow GDC 2041-8 CD
Electrica Salsa
Step By Step
Off GDC 2040-8 CD
Dolce Vita
Hi Energy
Ryan Paris
Evelyn Thomas
GDC 2039-8 CD
Love Spy
Dancing In The Dark
Mike Mareen GDC 2038-8 CD
Sugar Sugar The Archies GDC 2037-8 CD
Where's The Love (We Used To Know) Delegation GDC 2036-8 CD
You And Me
Spargo GDC 2035-8 CD
The Break Katmandu GDC 2034-8 CD
Sexy Girl Sabrina GDC 2033-8 CD
Humanoid Invasion
Laserdance GDC 2032-8 CD
I'm Your Lover Joe Yellow GDC 2031-8 CD
Chance To Desire
Aliens (Remix)
Radiorama GDC 2030-8 CD
Black Is Black (Dance Vers.) Los Bravos GDC 2029-8 CD
To Meet Me Den Harrow GDC 2028-8 CD
Dreamer B. B. & Q. Band GDC 2027-8 CD
Don't Stop The Rock
In Your Face
Freestyle GDC 2026-8 CD
Lady Fantasy
Japanese Girl
Max Him GDC 2025-8 CD
Take Me To The Top Advance GDC 2024-8 CD
I'm Your Boogieman Digital Game GDC 2023-8 CD
Happy Station
Baila Bolero
Fun Fun GDC 2022-8 CD
How Old Are You?
The World Is You
Miko Mission GDC 2021-8 CD
West End Girls Pet Shop Boys GDC 2020-8 CD
The Night
Get Closer
Valerie Dore GDC 2019-8 CD
Stop Bajon
Radio Africa
Tullio De Piscopo GDC 2018-8 CD
Don't Cry Tonight Savage GDC 2017-8 CD
Chinese Revenge Koto GDC 2016-8 CD
Happy Song
Baby's Gang GDC 2015-8 CD
Japanese War Game Koto GDC 2014-8 CD
Feel The Drive
Watch Out
Doctor's Cat GDC 2013-8 CD
Tubular Affair Samoa Park GDC 2012-8 CD
Pulstar Hypnosis GDC 2011-8 CD
Take A Chance Mr. Flagio GDC 2010-8 CD
The End John Carpenter GDC 2009-8 CD
Dance On The Froove And Do The Funk Funk Machine GDC 2008-8 CD
Rock Your Baby
Born To Be Alive
Disco Connection GDC 2007-8 CD
Hypnosis GDC 2006-8 CD
Dragon's Legend
Koto GDC 2005-8 CD
Don't Wake Me Up J. D. Jaber GDC 2004-8 CD
Ken Laszlo GDC 2003-8 CD
Talking To The Night
Walking Away
Brian Ice GDC 2002-8 CD
Visitors Koto GDC 2001-8 CD
Hey Hey Guy
Don't Cry
Ken Laszlo GDC 2000-8 CD