... Gefühl (Polyphon)



0 (Diverse)
- CDs
- [DVD]

0 (Disky-Serie DC 888xxx)

10 Star Collection / 10 ... Stars [GB]
- Glam
- Love
- Metal
- Pop
- Rock
- Soul

100 Essential Tracks [GB]

100 Franse Klassiekers [BE]

100 Hits [GB]

100 Hits Collection

100 Internationale Hits

100 Megahits


1000 Nadelstiche

1000 Original Hits

1001 Schlager [CH]

101 ... (EMI) [AU]

14 Deutsche Schlager

18 Chart Hits [GB]

196... - The Soundtrack [GB]

1977... 1982 (Cherry Red)

200 Original Mega Jukebox Hits

20th Century Hits For A New Millennium

25 Jaar Popmuziek [NL]

25 Jaar Top 40 Hits [NL]

25 Jahre Deutsche Hitparade

25 Jahre Hansa

25 Jahre internationale Popmusik

25 Juke Box Greats [CA]

25 Years Of Number 1 Hits [GB]

25 Years Of Rock & Roll [GB]
- Volume 1
- Volume 2

30 Years Of No. 1 Hits (Club Edition)

30 Years Of Pop
- Englische Ausgaben
- Andere Ausgaben

33 Jahre Schweizer Hitparade - Single Charts [CH]

40 Jahre Disco
- 40 Jahre Disco
- [DVD]

40 Power Hits

45's on CD

50 goldene Schlagererinnerungen

50 Jahre Feinster Schlager

80's Revolution Series

80s Hit - News

90s Disco Hits



A (Diverse)

A Decade Of Pop [GB]

A Flavour Of The Label

A Kick Up The Eighties [GB]

A Nous Les Hits [FR]

A Very Special Christmas [US]

Aber dich gibt's nur einmal für mich

about: berlin
- Limited Edition
- [Vinyl]

Absolute Music  [SE]

Actual Pop Music

ADAC musikwelt

Alf's Hitparade

All The Songs You Danced To [GB]

All Time Legends - Legends Of The 60's And 70's

All Woman [GB]

All-Time Music
- Blues Hits
- Country Greats
- Hits Of The 60's
- Jazz Sessions
- Love Songs
- Memories
- Rock & Roll Hits
- Rock Hits
- Soul Hits
- Summer Hits

Als der Schlager laufen lernte

Alternative Ballads - The Best Of Britain And Beyond

Alternative Moments
- [DVD]

American Music Library

Amiga Hit Collection

Amiga HITstory

Amiga Schlager Archiv

And The Answer Is!

Anime Hits

Antenne Bayern
- Hit Collection - Best Of Antenne Bayern
- Diverse

Après Hits
- Après Ski-Hits 2CD
- Après Ski-Hits 3CD
- Après Sun

Après Ski Charts

Après Snow Party


Arcade CD Collection [NL]

Arcade Gold Collection

ARD Wunschkonzert

Arrow Rock Radio


Atlantic Rhythm And Blues [US]

Atlantic's Year In Review [US]

- Audio's Audiophile
- Rock Times
- Rock Times Extra
- Rock Times Plus
- Hörtest-CDs
- Perfect Percussion
- Diverse
- The History Of Rock Times


Australia's Ultimate Songs

Australian Pop Of The 60s / 70s / 80s [AU]
- 60s
- 70s
- 80s

Austro Hitparade

Austro Pop Show [AT]

Awesome [CA]



B (Diverse)

- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of
- Mallorca
- Special CDs

Baby Boomer Classics

Back Pack 80's

- Popfile (grün)
- Rockfile (1. Auflage braun)
- Rockfile (Second Edition blau)
- Rockfile Britain
- The Originals (rot)
- Backline Christmas Edition

Ballads of... (Polystar)

Ballermann 6 Balneario
- Normale Ausgaben
- Club Exklusiv

Ballermann Hits
- Ballermann Hits 3CD
- Ballermann Hits 2CD
- Ballermann Hits Party
- Ballermann Diverse

Banana Jack


Bar Lounge Classics
- Editions
- Volumes
- Specials

Bayern 1
- 100% Bayern 1
- Diverse

Bayern 3
- Matuschkes Lieblinge
- Diverse

BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge

Beat Beat Beat (Castle)

Beat Of The 80's


Because I Love You

Bella Italia - Italienische Originalversionen

Berlin Tag & Nacht

Best Of
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Best Of 12 Inch Gold

Best Of 70's [FR]

Best Of Black
- [DVD]

Best Of Christmas

Best Of Dance

Best of Disco - Licht aus! Spot an!

Best Of HipHop

Best Of Klassik

Best Of Rock - The Ultimate Collection

Best Of Romantic Rock

Best of Summer Hits

Best Of Super Stars

Best Of World Music

Bestseller auf dem Plattenteller [CH]

Bi uns to Hus - Die Norddeutsche Hitparade


Big City Bar

Big City Beats (World Club Dome)

Big Country Classics

Big Party

Big Shiny Tunes [CA]

- Bild Hits
- Bild Hits Best Of
- Diverse

Bild am Sonntag
- Oldie Party
- Diverse
- [DVD]

Billboard [US]
- Top Dance Hits
- Top Rock'n'Roll Hits
- Top Rock'n'Roll Hits (Neuauflage)
- Billboard Pop Memories
- Top R&B Hits
- Top Movie Hits
- hot SOUL hits
- Top Hits
- Top Pop Hits
- Top Album Rock Hits
- Greatest Christmas Hits
- Top Soft Rock Hits

Black & Beautiful

Black Flavour Club

Black Party
- Best Of Black Winter Party
- Best Of Black Summer Party
- Black Summer Party
- Diverse

Blues Ballads [NL]

Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present

Body & Soul
- Normale Ausgaben
- Club Editions
- [DVD]

Bonjour La France

Boom [ES]

- Normale Ausgaben
- Limited Edition
- Club Editions

Born To Boogie [CA]

Boulevard Des Hits [FR]

- Bravo Hits
- Best Of / The Hits
- Black Hits
- Bravo Hits Party
- Diverse
- Bravo Girl!
- Super Show
- Bravo Christmas
- Bravo Christmas (TCM)
- [MC]
- [VHS]
- [DVD]
- [Vinyl]
- Club Editions
- Austria Editions
- Swiss Editions

- fitness
- wellness - schön entspannt
- wellness - diverse
- For Dinner

Brit Awards [GB]
- Normale Ausgaben

Bubblegum Classics [US]

Bubblegum Party

Bubblegum Pop


Bundesvision Songcontest



C (Diverse)

C'est Si Bon (Kenwest Music) [GB]

C85 ... C91 (Cherry Red)

Cafe del Mar [ES]
- Aria

California Clan

Candy Girl

Car Classics

Catwalk Megahits - The Official Supermodel Collection

CD-Festival (Polydor)

CD-Festival (Polyphon)

Celtic Spirits

Ces Années - Là Hits [BE]

Chart Hits (Mr Music)

ChartBoxx / Top 13 Music / Top 20
- Club top 13 international (1987-1989)
- Club top 13 national
- top 13 Music-Club (1990-1991) Hit fascination
- top 13 Music-Club (1992) Hit Parade international
- top 13 Music-Club (1993-1995)
- top 13 Music-Club (1996-1998)
- top 13 - 20 Top Hits aus den Charts (1999-2001)
- ChartBoxx (2002-2004)
- ChartBoxx (2005-2007)
- ChartBoxx (ab 2008)
- Diverse (Import)
- Top20
- Top 13 / Top 20 / Chartboxx diverse

Chartbusters USA [GB]


Charts pur
- Normale Ausgaben
- Video-CD

Chill Out Sofabeat [CH]

Christmas Classics

Christmas Hits + Rarities

Chronik deutscher Filmmusik

Cine [FR]
- Cine Dancing
- Cine Slows

Classic Dance Masters

Club Affairs
- Minimal Club Affairs
- Electro Club Affairs

Club Arcade [NL]

Club Classics

Club Epic - A Collection Of Classic Dance Mixes

Club Hits (New Yorker)
- Club Hits - Finest Tracks Of Techno, Trance And Dance
- Club Hits - Diverse

Club Music

Club Sounds
- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of the Year
- Summer

- Normale Ausgaben

- Clubtunes
- [DVD]
- [DVD Specials]


Collection Préférences [FR]

Columbia Country Classics

Compact Disco

Compact Hits


Complete Pop Instrumentals [CZ]

Complete... (EMI - 2010) [AU]

Cosmic Cubes - A Cosmic Trance Compilation

Country Classics [NL]

Country Gala [NL]

Country Gold - Country & Western Festival

Country Legends

Country Roads

Country Shots

Cream Of Pop

Crossing All Over!
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials
- [DVD]



D (Diverse)
- CDs
- [DVD]

- Normale Ausgaben

Damals war's (MDR)

Dance 'Til You Drop [AU]

Dance Classics
- Dance Classics Deutschland
- Dance Classics Italien
- Dance Classics Spanien
- Dance Classics Niederlande (alte Serie)
- Dance Classics Niederlande (neue Serie)
- Dance Classics - Best Of - Niederlande
- Dance Classics - Italo - Niederlande
- Dance Classics -The Remixes - Niederlande
- Dance Classics - The Ballads
- Dance Classics Into The 80's

Dance Collection

Dance Max
- Normale Ausgaben
- Limited Edition
- Best Of

Dance Mission
- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of
- [Austria Edition]
- [Swiss Edition]

Dance Mix [CA]

Dance N-R-G

Dance Now!

Dance Trance

Dance Unlimited

Dancehall Superhits

- Danke
- Danke [Vinyl]

Dark Trance

Das Beste aus dem Musikladen

Das Goldene Schlager-Archiv
- Erstauflage
- Zweitauflage
- Folge 2

Das große deutsche Schlagerfestival
- Normale Ausgaben
- Club Edition

Das perfekte Dinner

Das Poparchiv

Das Schlager-Alphabet

Das waren die 70er

Das waren Schlager (EMI)

Das waren Schlager (Polydor)
- Das waren Schlager (Polydor)
- Das waren Schlager (Club Edition)

De Grootste Hollandse Hits Aller Tijden [NL]

De Grootste Vlaamse & Nederlandse Hits Aller Tijden [BE]

Decades Of Hits

Decca Originals - The Scene

Deep Dance

Deep Dance Bootleg
- 0,5 - 25
- 26 - 50
- 51 - 66
- Fälschungen

Definite 60's / 70's [NL]

Dein Song
- Normale Ausgaben
- Limitierte Fanbox

Der Deutsche Hitmix
- [DVD]

Der große Preis
- Specials

Der letzte Bulle
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Der wahre Grand Prix

Dermot O'Leary Presents The Saturday Sessions

Destination Hits [FR]

Deutsche Tophits

Deutsche Schlager (Polydor)
- 1. Auflage
- 2. Auflage

Deutscher Disco Fox
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Deutsches Gold

Deutschstunde - Die neue deutsche Popmusik

Die 60er Fete

Die 70er / 80er / 90er / DDR Show (RTL präsentiert)
- [DVD]

Die 70er Schlager (Laserlight)

Die Deutsche Hitparade (Spectrum)

Die Deutsche Schlagergeschichte

Die deutsche Schlagerparade (CBS)

Die deutsche Schlagerparade (Club Bertelsmann)
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Die deutsche Schlagerparade (Drews / Schrowange / Riewa)

Die Deutsche Single Hitparade
- 1959-1968
- 1969-1978
- 1979-1988
- 1989-1998

Die deutschen Single-Hits der 60er / 70er / 80er Jahre

Die deutschen Top-Hits der 80er

Die Geschichte der Popmusik

Die Goldene Stimmgabel / Tag des Deutschen Schlagers
- Diverse

Die Goldenen Schlager - Die Originale

Die Goldenen Schlagerjahre

Die große Schlager-Starparade

Die großen Schlager der 50er- / 60er- / 70er- / 80er-Jahre (Electrola 2018)

Die grossen Schlager der 50er / 60er / 70er / 80er / 90er Jahre

Die grössten Schweizer Hits [CH]

Die Hit-Giganten
- Best Of
- Normale Ausgaben
- Telamo
- Shop24direct
- Austria Edition
- [DVD]

Die Hits aus den Bruderländern

Die Hits der 60er

Die neue Hitparade (RTL)
- Normale Ausgaben
- Sonder-Edition XXL

Die Neue Schlager Party

Die Schlagerparade

Die Schlümpfe
- Normale Ausgaben
- Diverse

Die schönsten Instrumental Melodien

Die schönsten Schlager aller Zeiten

Die Spitzenreiter

Die Stars - Die Hits - Die Facts

Die Stars und Hits des Jahres

Die ultimative Chart Show
- Digipaks
- Jewel Cases
- Big Box
- Hits des Jahres
- Aral Edition
- Aldi Edition
- Kaufland Edition

Die Welt des Musicals

Dino's Deutsche Hitparade


Disco Fox

Disco Fox Classics

Disco Hits - Rhino Special Editions

Disco House

Diverse (Festival Records Australien)

Diverse (Finnlevy Finnland)

Diverse (Hit Bound Records Australien)

Diverse (Mercury)

Diverse (Pacific Japan)

Diverse (Polyphon)

Diverse (Quality Records)

Diverse (Repertoire Records)

Diverse 2003

Diverse Austria Editionen

Diverse Boxen (Deutsch)

Diverse Boxen (International)

Diverse Megamixe

Diverse Megamixe (SWG)

Diverse Soundtracks

Diverse Swiss Editionen

Diverse TV-Kult

DIY (Rhino) [US]

DJ Convention
- 1998-2003
- 2005 (Re:Start)

DJ Hitparade
- Normale Ausgaben
- Supermixe
- Specials

DJ Networx

- DJ Only Xtra

Do The Funk

Doin' The Mod

Don't Stop The 80's

Doppelt Gut
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Double Gold

Dream Babes [GB]

Dream Dance
- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of
- Dolphin's Mind
- Club Editions
- [DVD]
- [Vinyl]

Drive Time [GB]

Dynamite Dance [FI]



E (Diverse)

E-Power [CH]

EAMS Compilation

Early Girls [GB]

Earotic - Sweet Lounge Music

Echt Kultig

Eighties Soul Weekender

Ein bißchen Zärtlichkeit
- Normale Ausgaben
- Club-Ausgaben

Einer geht noch

Einfach Spitze

Eis am Stiel (Soundtrack)
- Normale Ausgaben
- Club Edition

Ekstra Nummer [DK]

El Golfo [ES]

Eldorado [DK]

Electro House Alarm

Elmi's witzige Oldie - Show

Elvis Hits in Deutsch

EMI Dancehouse

EMI Hot Shots

Energy Hits

Energy Mastermix

Erinnern Sie sich noch?

Erotic Chill

Erotic Lounge

Eternal Love

Eurovision Song Contest
- International
- Best Of
- National
- [DVD]
- [DVD Best Of]
- [Blu-ray]
- Import

Evergreens A Go Go

Everlasting Favourites On CD [HK]



F (Diverse)

Favoriet Van Follet [BE]

Feel The Reggae

Feelin' Groovy [AU]

Feelings - Die schönsten Pop-Balladen der 70er & 80er Jahre

Feelings Of Love - The Most Beautiful Love Songs

Feten Fun


- Best Of (3CD)
- Digipaks
- Diverse
- Fußball
- Oktoberfest
- Discofox
- The Real Classics
- Apres Hits
- Silvester
- Limited Rare Editions
- Best Of
- Specials
- Specials
- Aldi Edition
- For Promotion Only

- Hüttenzauber
- Oktoberfest
- Strandparty
- Diverse


Film Parade [IT]


Flower Power (EMI)

For The Record

Forever Young

Formel Eins
- Best Of
- Alte Serie
- [DVD]

Fox Forever / Rock Forever


Frankfurt Beat

- Normale Ausgaben

Freitag Nacht

Fühl's noch mal! (NDR 1)

Future Trance
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials
- Limited Editions
- [DVD]



G (Diverse)

Gefühle - Die schönsten romantischen Schlager

Generation Fernseh-Kult
- Diverse
- Best Of

Germany's Next Topmodel
- Normale Ausgaben
- Limited Edition

Get it
- Normale Ausgaben

Get The Hits

Giants Of Jazz

- Giraffenaffen
- Diverse

Girls Girls Girls - The Girlfriends [BE]

Global Psychedelic Trance

Gnadenlos Deutsch
- Gnadenlos Deutsch
- Gnadenlos Deutsch Spezial

Go Wild In The 70's

Goffin & King (ACE)

Going Back In Time

Going Back In Time (Disky) [NL]

Gold & Platinum [US]

Golden Dance Classics
- 0 - 49
- 50 - 99
- 100-199
- 200-

Golden Gate Collection - 16 Original World Hits

Golden Hit Collection

Golden Oldie Night

Golden Popmusic Edition

Golden Presto Print Collection [BE]

Golden Stars

Goldene Europa

Goldene Schlager Edition

Goldene Schlagersouvenirs

Goldenes Barock

Goldstrand Hits

Good Times - Great Rock & Pop


Goud van Oud [NL]

Grammy Nominees [US]
- Normale Ausgaben
- Rap
- Specials

Grandmix [NL]

Greatest Hits of the ... (Disky)
- Boxen mit Papphüllen
- Boxen mit Jewel Cases

Grey's Anatomy

Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Guys Go Pop! [AU]



H (Diverse)

Hansa News

Happy Rave

Hard To Find 45s On CD

Hard To Find... Instrumentals



Hazy Memories [AU]

Heard It On The Radio [US]

Heart Rock - Rock für's Herz
- Normale Ausgaben

Hed Kandi
- Beach House
- Back to Love
- Disco Kandi
- Disco Heaven
- Nu Cool
- Nu Disco
- Serve Chilled
- The Mix
- Twisted Disco
- Winter Chill
- World Series
- Diverse

Hello Children ...Everywhere

Henry Maske - Power & Glory

Here Come The Girls [GB]

Herz an Herz

- Deutsche Poeten
- Singer/Songwriter
- 2005 - 2008


Hey! Look What I Found [CA]

Hifi Visionen
- Pop
- Oldies
- Klassik
- Top
- Spezial
- Klassik Pop
- Test-CD
- Jazz

High Life
- [Vinyl]

High-Tech Digital


Hit Bank [MY]

Hit Collection

Hit Collection International

Hit Come Back

Hit Connection [BE]
- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of

Hit Fever

Hit History [NL]

Hit Mix [AU]

Hit News [PL]

Hit Parade (Polystar) [PT]

Hit Parade 1938 - 1962

Hit Sounds

Hit's a Sony  [JP]


Hit-Parade [BE]


- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials


Hitmakers CD Sampler

Hitriders [BE]

Hits / Neue Hits (BMG / Ariola)

Hits Album (NL) [NL]

Hits Album (UK) [GB]

Hits Collection [MX]
- Hits Collection
- Diverse Extra

Hits der 80er Jahre

Hits der Saison

Hits Of [AU]

Hits Of The World

Hits Of.....

Hits On CD

Hits total


Hollands Goud! - De Grootste Nationale Hits Aller Tijden [NL]

- [DVD]

Hot & Fresh

Hot And New

Hot On 45

House Rebels / House Club Hottest

HR3 - 100Pro

Hugo's Mega Dance

Hütten Charts

Hütten Hits



I (Diverse)

I Love Country [FR]

I Love Disco - Dancefloor Gems 80's

I Love Zyx - Italo Disco Collection

Ich find Schlager toll
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Im Traumland der Operette


Indie Top 20 / Independent 20 [GB]

Instrumental Diamonds

Intelligent Innovation

International Top Hits (Polyphon)

Into The Spotlight

It's Music
- It's Music
- It's Music [MD]

Italo Fresh Hits

Italo Super Hits



J (Diverse)


Jagatee [AT]

Jamba! Hits

Jon Savage's... [GB]

- Jugendliebe
- Club-Edition

Jukebox Souvenirs [BE]


Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The '80s

Just Dance

Just The Best



K (Diverse)

K-tel Hit News  [CH]

Karneval der Stars

Karneval Express

KBCO Studio C

Keep On Running

- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of


Kent's Cellar Of Soul

Kickin' House Tunes

Kinderhitparade - Karussell

Kino, Schlager, schöne Stunden

Kiwi Classics [NZ]


Kneipen Hits [NL]

Kneipenhits [NL]

Knight Rider Hits

Kommissar Rex

- Top Of The Clubs
- Festival Sounds
- Sunset Chill
- The Biggest Hits Of The Year
- Kontor Trapical
- Summer Jam
- House Of House
- Limited Edition
- [DVD]
- [Vinyl]

Kristiane Backer's Dance Party

Kroko's Hitparade (Teldec)

Krone der Volksmusik

Krypta Discocathedrale [AT]
- Normale Ausgaben
- Church Chill Out

Kult! Präsentiert


- KuschelJazz
- KuschelJazz Club-Edition

- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of
- Piano Dreams
- Club Edition


- Normale Ausgaben
- Gold Edition
- Sonder-Edition
- Herz-Edition
- Alte Ausgaben
- Specials
- Best Of
- Andere
- Club-Edition
- Austria Edition
- Swiss Edition
- Import
- [3"]
- [DVD]
- [MC]
- [LP]
- [MD]



L (Diverse)

La Compil' [FR]

La Gran Musica

La Legende Des Tubes  [FR]

La Musica Pop Y Sus Mejores Hits (Hits Of ...) [ES]

Lady In Red - Die schönsten Lovesongs der 80er Jahre

- Normale Ausgaben
- Party Rock


Latin Aventura [CH]

Le Più Belle Canzoni Italiane 60 70 80

Le Top [FR]

Le Top Des Tops  [FR]

Legendary Popsongs


Les Plus Grands Hits Des Années 60-70 [FR]

Let's Dance - Das Tanzalbum

Let's Have A Party (Thomas Gottschalk)

Lets Talk About Love

Liebe ist...

Lieder der Leidenschaft

Line Dance Fever [GB]

Listen To The Music [US]

Live At KEXP

Living In Oblivion [US]

Living In The 70s / 80s / 90s [AU]
- Living In The 70s (alte Serie)
- Living In The 70s (neue Serie)
- Living In The 80s
- Living In The 90s

Lookin' Forward

Los Rockos

Lost Hits Of The '50s / '60s / '70s / '80s [US]

Lounge For Lovers (Amazon exklusiv)

Love Classics (Kenwest) [GB]

Love Songs

Love Tracks [SE]

- Sampler
- Singles

Lovestern Galaktika



M (Diverse)

Magic Music

Magic Of...

Mallorca Total



Max Mix
- Alte Ausgaben
- Alte Ausgaben Doppel-CDs
- Remastered Edition
- Neue Ausgaben

Maxi Dance Sensation
- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of

Maxi Dance XXL

Maxi Hit Sensation
- Normale Ausgaben
- Neuauflage

Maxi Power
- Die 80'er
- Die 90'er
- Best Of


Maximum Dance


Media Markt Collection

Mega Hits Dance Classics [US]

Mega Park

Mega Party Tracks

Megahit [SG]
- Megahit
- Best Of

- Normale CDs
- Sommer
- Dance Remixes

Mein Herz schlägt Schlager

Meine 20 Liebsten Kindergarten Lieder

Mélodies en Or [FR]

Members Only

Memories (Club Masters)

Memories... Are Made Of This

Memory (Bellaphon)

Memory Pop Shop

Memory Time

Metal Ballads / Metal Queens

Metal Crusade

Mike Hurst - Producers Archives [GB]

Milchbar: Seaside Season

Millennium Super-Hits

Million Sellers

Mini Disco Hits
- Mini Disco Hits
- Spezial

Mini Stars
- Normale Ausgaben
- Weihnachts-CDs

Mixed Up

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Modern 80's - Best Of Discopop

Moments Of Love

More Than A Feeling

More Than Miles
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Mr Music Hits Deutsch

Mr Music Hits Schweden [SE]

MSSO - Pop Goes Classic

- MTM Ballads / MTM Rock Ballads
- MTM Music

MTV Unplugged

Mundart Schii Hütte Party [CH]
- Mundart Schii Hütte Party
- Mundart Schii Hütte Party - Best Of

Munich City Nights [US]

Music En Vogue

Music Gala [NL]

Music Of The Millennium

Music On My Mind [NL]

Music Sales Film & TV

Music To Watch Girls By [GB]

Musik aus Studio B - Chris Howland präsentiert

Musik Music Musique

Musik Revue

Musikalische Reise durchs Jahrtausend


Musikladen Eurotops

Müssen alle mit.

Must Have Maxis

- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of

Mystery Trance



N (Diverse)

Nachtexpress (DRS 1) [CH]

NDD - Neuer Deutscher Dancefloor

NDHW - Neue Deutsche House Welle


NDW (Bear Family)

NDW (Polyphon)

Neue Deutsche Welle (Repertoire)

Neue Oldies braucht das Land


New African Worldbeat

Newsound Collection [GB]

Nieuw Nederlands Peil  [NL]

Nite Flite

No. 1 Music Club (Schweden) [SE]

Non-Stop Dancing [US]

Northwest Battle Of The Bands!

Nostalgie La Légende [FR]

Now That's What I Call Music! [GB]
- Normale Ausgaben
- Neuauflagen
- Yearbook
- Yearbook Special Edition
- Now That's What I Call Music - 40th Anniversary
- Now - Millenium
- 10th Anniversary Series
- Millennium Series
- Dance

Now That's What I Call Music! [JP]

Now That's What I Call Music! [US]
- Normale Ausgaben
- Deluxe Editions
- Exklusive Editions

Now That's What I Call Music! [ZA]

Now This Is Music [NL]


NRJ Hits [FR]



O (Diverse)

Ö3 Greatest Hits [AT]
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials

Ö3 Zeitreise die 80er [AT]

Oh What A Year [NL]
- Oh What A Year (1992)
- Oh What A Year (1997)

Ohne Filter - Musik Pur


Oldie Börse

Oldie Studio


Oldies (Karussell)

One Hit Wonders (Regency)

Opa Oldie Parade

ORF Radiohits

ORF SchlagerParade [AT]

Oriental Club

Original Hits (6CD) [GB]

Original Hits - Best Of... (Disky)



P (Diverse)

Party Collection

Party Fox

Party Kult Hits

Party Power Pack / Mega Party Tracks
- Alte Serie
- Mega Party Tracks
- Neue Serie

Pearls Of The 80s

Perfekte Welle - Musik von hier

Peter's Pop Hits - Die Hits der 80er Jahre (Peter Illmann präsentiert)

Phat Trax - The Best Of Old School

Phil's Spectre

Phuture Trax

Planet Pop

- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of
- Platin - Club Edition

Play My Music

Playa Total [ES]
- Playa Total
- Playa Total Diverse

Pokito Hits

PolyGram Sonderveröffentlichung / Special Release

Polystar [FR]

Pop & Wave / Rock & Wave
- 1. Auflage
- 2. Auflage
- Spezialausgaben
- Rock & Wave
- Special Products Series

Pop Anthology [GB]

Pop Classics

Pop Classics - The Long Versions [NL]

Pop Español [ES]

Pop Giganten
- Pop Giganten (Neue Serie)
- Pop Giganten (Alte Serie)

Pop in Germany

Pop Inside The 60's

Pop Made In... [FR]

Pop Masters

Pop News

Pop Power

Pop Power 60's & 70's

Pop Van Eigen Bodem [NL]

Pop-Psych Sounds From The Apple Era


Popcorn Golden Hits [BE]


Porsche Oldie Night

Powermix [FI]

Psychedelic Pstones

Pure Energie

Pure Rock - The History Of Rockmusic

Pure Soft Metal [AU]

Pure Swing [GB]




Q (Diverse)



R (Diverse)

Radio 1 Hits [NO]

Radio 1's Live Lounge

Radio 2 Top 2000 [NL]

Radio Arabella [AT]

Radio Daze - Pop Hits Of The '80s [US]

Radio Eins

Radio FFN

Radio Gold [GB]

Radio Teddy Hits
- Radio Teddy Hits
- Radio Teddy - Rabatz

Radio Waves

Ramba Zamba

Rap House

Rapper's Paradise

Rare 60's Beat Treasures [HU]

Rare On Air

Rarities On Compact Disc

Rave Base - Raver's Paradise

Rave Now!


Really!! They Sing It In German

Reelin' In The Years

Reggae Night Fever

Reggae Nights

Remember CDs?

Remember The 60's [NL]

Remember Your 70's / 80's

Resident E

Rhythm & Soul [FR]

Riesenhits für heiße Feste


Risky Business [US]

Rock & Pop Diamonds

Rock & Pop Feelings

Rock & Roll Legends

Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame [US]

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Rock Artifacts

Rock Balladen - Die schönsten RockBalladen

Rock Christmas
- Specials
- Normale Ausgaben

Rock For Lovers

Rock Romances [CH]

Rock Super Stars

Rock The First

Rock'n Up Sampler

Rock-Art / Pop-Art


Romantic Hits for Lovers

Romeo & Julia
- Normale Ausgaben
- Club Edition

Ronny's Pop Show

- Frühlings Hits
- Sommer Hits
- RTL Hits
- Weihnachten
- I Like
- Winter Dreams
- RTL Hits (alte Serie)
- Megastars
- Diverse

RTL Kinderhitparade
- Club Edition



S (Diverse)

- Normale Ausgaben
- Neue Serie

Saint Etienne Present

Salut Les Copains [FR]

Sanremo [IT]
- Normal Ausgaben
- [MD]

Sat .1 Glücksrad - Hits


Schlager - Die Hits des Jahres
- Schlager - Die Hits des Jahres
- Schlager - Die Hits des Sommers

Schlager Aktuell
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials
- Exklusiv
- [DVD]

Schlager Champions

Schlager Club

Schlager Diamanten / Goldene Schlagerwelt

Schlager Frühling / Schlager Sommer

Schlager für alle
- Normale Ausgaben
- Sonderausgaben
- Shop24 exklusiv

Schlager Hits - Unsere besten Hits des Jahres

Schlager im Spiegel der Zeit

Schlager Paket / Schlager Päckchen




Schlagerfestival [NL]

Schlagerparade der 50er / 60er / 70er / 80er [NL]

Schmetterlinge im Bauch

Sehnsucht heißt: ... [AT]

Sentimental Journey

Shine [GB]

Silent Dreams [CH]

Singers & Songwriters

Sinners Lounge

Sinnlos Telefon
- Radio PSR
- Radio PSR Special Edition
- Antenne Thüringen

Sixties... / Seventies Top 100 [NL]

Slow Dance [NL]

Slow Motion

Smash [FI]

Smash Hits [AU]


Smooth Grooves - A Sensual Collection [US]

- Normale Ausgaben
- Diverse
- Box


Songbook (Connoisseur Collection) [GB]



Songs We Shouldn't Forget [NL]

Sony Audiophile Collection

Sony's Digital Collection

Soul Collection

Soul Hits Of The '70s - Didn't It Blow Your Mind [US]

Soul Shots - A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics [US]


Sounds Of The Seventies (Reader's Digest) [GB]

Sounds Of The Sixties (BBC Radio 2)

Sounds Of The Sixties (Reader's Digest) [GB]

Sounds Of The World Music Of The World [GB]

Spitzenreiter (Polyphon)

Star Box (RTL 2)

Starke Gefühle

Starke Zeiten

Stars - Die Aids Gala

Static Tracks

Stereophile Test CD

- CD 1 bis 75
- Golden Reference
- Sonstige


Strand House

Street Beat Sound Collective

Street Jams [US]
- Street Jams: Hip Hop From The Top
- Street Jams: Electric Funk
- Street Jams: Back 2 The Old Skool
- Street Jams: Promos

Summer Mix

Summer Songs

Sunpoint Presents : Hits-News-Trends

Sunshine Dance

Sunshine Live
- Normale Ausgaben
- Die 90er
- Classics

Sunshine, Soft & Studio Pop [AU]

Super ... (Kronen Zeitung) [AT]

Super 20 (Ariola)

Super 30

Super Dance (Plus)
- Normale Ausgaben
- Megamixe

Super Hits

Super Hits Of The '70s - Have A Nice Day

Super Maxi

Super Oldies Of The 60's [US]

Super Power

Super Willi



Superstars De La Chanson [FR]

Superstars Greatest Hits

Sweet And Soulful

Sweet, Soft & Sexy


SZ Diskothek - Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs (Süddeutsche Zeitung)



T (Diverse)

Tanz House

Technics DJ Set

Technics Edition

Techno Club
- Limited Edition

Techno Trax



Teen Beat [GB]

Teen Time - The Young Years Of Rock 'n' Roll [US]

Teenage Crush [GB]

Teenage Rebels

Televisions Greatest Hits

Tha Mastas

That's Soul - The Seventies

The 100 Hits Collection

The 70's - Broadcast Library of CHR / AC Hits of The 70's

The 80's Greatest Rock Hits

The Alltime Greatest ...

The Art Of Pop

The Bert Berns Story

The Best [FI]

The Best Disco In Town

The Best Of 1980-1990 (1970-1980)
- The Best Of 1980 - 1990
- Andere

The Best Of Cantitalia [CH]

The Best Of Eurodisco [CH]

The Best Year Of My Life

The Best Year Of My Life! (UK Version) [GB]

The Big Buzz [NL]

The Big Six-Pack

The British Invasion - The History Of British Rock

The British Progressive Pop Sounds [GB]

The Chart Show [GB]

The Classic Soul Years [GB]

The Collection (Rhino) [GB]

The Dali CD

The Diamond Compact Disc Collection [NL]

The Disco Boys
- Normale Ausgaben
- Limited Edition

The Disco Years [US]

The Disco Years (Rhino) [US]

The Dome
- Normale Ausgaben
- Summer
- Limited Edition
- [DVD]

The Drugstore's Rockin'

The Essential Collection [ES]

The Fantastic French 60's & 70's Singles / EP Collection

The Finest Of Hard-Rock [CH]

The Golden Age Of American Popular Music

The Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll

The Golden Age Of Popular Song [GB]

The Golden Serie - History Of Pop

The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music [NL]

The Greatest Hits Of Year [GB]

The Greatest Love [GB]

The Greatest One Hit Wonders [AU]

The Healing [NL]

The History Of Country & Western Music

The History Of Country Music [GB]

The History Of Pop

The History Of Pop (Reader's Digest)

The History Of Pop Radio

The Hit Collection - A Memory Of The 50's And 60's [NL]

The Hit Factory [GB]

The Hits Collection

The Hits Of... (Music For Pleasure)

The House Music Movement

The Hyper Active Collection - The Definitive Clubbers' Collection

The Indie Scene - The Story Of British Independent Music [GB]

The Jack Nitzsche Story [GB]

The Kings Of Romance

The Laurie Records Story [GB]

The Leiber & Stoller Story

The Levi's 501 Hits

The London American Label - Year By Year [GB]

The Lost 45's [AU]

The Mood Mosaic [IT]

The No. 1 Album [AU]
- 2001 Serie
- Alte Serie

The No. 1 Hits

The Original Music From The 60's

The Originals (BMG) [NL]

The Originals (EVA) [NL]

The Premier Collection Of Instrumental Hits

The PYE Story

The RCA Collection

The Saturday Sessions

The Scottish Folk Festival

The Songs Of... [GB]

The Soul Collection

The Sound Of Fashion

The Sound Of My Life

The Sound Of The Underground

The State Of E:Motion

The Ultimate Christmas Album [US]

The Ultimate Collection / 100 Hit Tracks [GB]

The Very Best Of The 80's

The Very Best Of The 90s

The World Of... (ZYX)

This Is Music [CA]

- Thunderdome
- Specials

Time Lies

Time X

- Body & Soul (TL BAS)
- Body Talk (TL BYC)
- Classic Country (TL 626)
- Classic Drive (TL CDC)
- Classic Rock (2CLR)
- Classic Rock (TL 559)
- Easy Listening Classics
- Edge Of The Eighties (TL ETE)
- Flower Power - The Music Of The Love Generation
- Flower Power Generation (TL FPG)
- Hot Hits (TL 541 Erste Serie)
- Hot Hits (TL 541 Zweite Serie)
- Juke Box Memories (TL MJU)
- Lifetime Of Romance (TL LRE)
- Lifetime Of Romance (TL LRS)
- Singers And Songwriters (TL SSW)
- Singers And Songwriters / The Folk Years (R812)
- Songs For Lovers (TL ULV)
- Sounds Of The 70s (TL 469)
- Sounds Of The Seventies (SOD / R840)
- Sounds Of The Sixties (TL SCC)
- Spirit Of The 60s (TL 531)
- The 70's (TL 597)
- The 80's Collection (TL 544)
- The 90s Collection (TL 608)
- The Emotion Collection (TL 571)
- The Power Of Love (TL 629)
- The Rock Collection (TL 527)
- The Rock'n'Roll Era (2RNR)
- The Rock'n'Roll Era (TL 516)
- Time Life - DVD Video
- The Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection (TL URB)
- Rock (TL RCL)
- Northern Stars
- Golden Age Of Pop
- Country USA
- The Fabulous Fifties - Unforgettable Fifties
- Solid Gold Soul
- Good Time Gold (TL 348)
- Disco Fever

Today's Blues [NL]

Toggo Music

Tolle Scheibe


Top - Die besten Hits des Jahres

Top 40 - The Ultimate Top 40 Collection

Top 40 Hitdossier [NL]

Top 50 - La Collection Officielle [FR]

Top Dance [FR]
- Top Dance
- Top Dance Gold

Top Of The Pops
- Normale Ausgaben
- Best Of
- [Ausland]

Touch My Soul
- Normale Ausgaben
- Specials
- [DVD]

Trance 80's

Trance Arena

Trance Base
- Normale Ausgaben

Trance Nation

Trance Voices

Traumhaft (NDR)


Troubadours Of The Folk Era [US]

Tube Tunes [US]

Tunnel Trance Force
- Normale Ausgaben
- Tunnel Goes Ibiza

TV-Movie... Classics

Twelve Inch Eighties [GB]



U (Diverse)



Über Volksmusik zum Schlager [AT]



Ulli Wengers One Hit Wonder
- Normale Ausgaben
- Box Vol. 1 - 10

Ultimate... - The Classics / 100 Hit Tracks

Una Notte Speciale

United Trance

Unsere Hits

Unvergängliche Meisterwerke

Urban Dance



V (Diverse)

Very Best Of The 70's

Very Best Of The 80's

Very Best Of The 90's

Villa Wahnsinn - Die total verrückte CD [CH]
- Normale Ausgaben
- Sonstige
- Austria Edition

Vintage Music Collector Series [US]

VIP - Very Important Products

- Musik für die Neunziger
- The New, The Classic & The Unexplored
- All Areas
- On Screen (DVD)

- Club Rotation
- Club Rotation Special
- Viva Hits
- Viva Dance
- Diverse

Viva Latino [CH]

Volksmusik Hits - Unsere besten Hits des Jahres

Voll auf die 12 (Karneval)

Voll Bingo! / Voll Ferien!
- Normale Ausgaben
- Superhits
- Voll Ferien!
- [DVD]



W (Diverse)

Wahnsinns Villa Power [AT]

Wave Music

- WDR 2: XXL - Super Long Versions
- WDR 2 Diverse
- WDR 4 Diverse
- WDR 4 Super-Wunsch-Hitparade

WDR 4 - Rhythmus der Nacht

We Came To Dance

We Love
- Summer
- Winter
- Specials

Welcome To The Club

Weltberühmt in Österreich [AT]

Wetten dass..?

What's New
- What's New
- What's New Special

What's New? (CBS/Columbia/Sony)

Where The Girls Are [GB]

Where Were You?

While My Guitar Gently Weeps [GB]

Wimbledon Hits


Woman In Love [NL]

Women & Songs [CA]


World Hits

World Network

World Of Harmony

WOW that was the 60´s





X (Diverse)

X-Diaries - Love, Sun & Fun

XXL (Dance)



Y (Diverse)


You Heard It Here First



Z (Diverse)

Zart Rock

ZaZaZabadak (Ariola / BMG)

- Normale Ausgaben
- 40 Jahre ZDF Hitparde
- Specials_neu
- Specials

Zeit für Zärtlichkeit